it is a system of personal work of growth and healing which is disarticulated through different therapeutic techniques, derived from humanistic psychology, from ancient wisdom, from subtle anatomy, and which uses light and its colors on the aura, on the body and on the most important energy maps, ancient and modern.

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Come and discover the international system of Penna Luminosa® courses. The face-to-face courses take place in Italy, on the “Le Pietre Parlanti” estate, a stone structure, surrounded by woods, organic gardens, vineyards and spring water, located on a hill with a breathtaking view of the border between Umbria and Tuscany.

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She was one of the first Aura-Soma® teachers in the world and the first to spread the Aura-Soma® system in Italy.
After several years of intense teaching and practice experience with the color of Aura-Soma®, together with Dr. Robert Hasinger, he evolved the training courses of Pen Luminosa® (Colour Enlightenment®)


Teacher of Aura-Soma® and director of Aura Soma Italy, in 1995 he created together with Galaadriel Flammini the Professional Training Training of Penna Luminosa®, now widespread and practiced all over the world. Co-directs the World Light Pen Academy with Galadriel Flammini.